Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

These are employee expenses that a person who is not self-employed may be able to deduct on his or her tax returns. An example of this is a nurse can deduct the cost of his or her uniforms. The reason why this is important is because, depending on the loan you apply for, the lender may have to deduct the expenses from your income.

This may cause you to have less income and possibly qualify for less of a home. This is an unreimbursed business expense that is any expenditure you make for your job that is both ordinary and reasonable and not reimbursed by your employer. The expenses should just usually be the expenses or the costs an employer should typically handle. They must be work-related costs, they may be tax deductible, also they must meet the IRS definition of an unreimbursed employee expense.

A job-related expense is an item or service that is appropriate and helpful to your job. Unfortunately, this is an expense that is often overlooked ultimately causing a file to be denied that a loan officer initially thought was qualified.

Ask your loan officer if any of this applies to you as they may not even think of this ahead of time.

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