Calling All Real Estate & Listing Agents: TTAL to the Rescue!

We have all heard the horror stories – two days before closing there is a problem with the condo questionnaire and now the deal is not closing. In the challenging world of Florida condo financing, a new force emerges to cut through the darkness – The Truth About Lending presents the Florida Condo Help Desk!

This is a critical moment in the Florida real estate realm. Finally, a service that allows you to forge a powerful alliance with lenders to know as much as you can upfront about the condo and the ability for financing. So, join us and transform Florida condo transactions into a smooth, successful endeavor.

We know the problems you face – no or low reserves, litigation, investor concentration. We are going to guide you through these issues and show you what is possible.

This groundbreaking service is crafted to transform the complex maze of condo buying and selling in Florida into a seamless, empowering journey. It’s time to rise above in the real estate landscape.

Benefits for RE Agents

• Elevate Client Satisfaction
• Streamlined Transactions
• Secure Your Competitive Edge

Benefits for Listers

• Amplify Property Exposure
• Accelerate Sales
• Offer Flexibility

Increase Condo Sales with Our Expert Help Desk!

Join our quest to simplify condo transactions in Florida and revolutionize your clients’ experiences. Our skilled team is prepared to provide you with the essential tools to master the power of our Florida Condo Help Desk, ensuring your triumph in the Florida condo marketplace.


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