Family Hack of the Week: May 4, 2020

Family Hack of the Week: May 4, 2020

Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day and if having brunch or dinner in-person with your mom this year isn’t possible, sharing a meal still is, thank to these tips from Martha Stewart for cooking a virtual meal together.

First, pick a dish that utilizes pantry staples or easy to find ingredients and keep it simple, so you can balance time to chat and catch up with time to focus on all the prep work. You could also go for a challenge and pick a recipe your family hasn’t made before and compare what is and isn’t working as you cook. Alternatively, a family favorite recipe is a great choice and can help with a sense of family traditions.

If a full brunch or dinner seems daunting to do virtually, instead you could plan to bake together, which is a great choice if kids want to be involved.

And once your recipe of choice is in the oven or simmering on the stove, you can use the time to share family stories and other cherished memories.

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